On the way to the break room at work, I pass a particular desk.  This desk has a seemingly unending supply of candy on it, visibly placed for any passerby.  Occasionally, (and I am not sure if there is a correlation between work stress and this increased candy appetite) the candy supply dwindles and a note will appear, asking for donations; an arguably fair request.

As far as selection goes, some days there are the usuals – Tootsie Pops, Dum-Dums, Hershey’s Kisses…  Other times, foreign goodies (such as miniature chocolate booze bottles, filled with actual liquor – woohoo!) appear.

Until today, I never dipped into the candy supply.  I couldn’t resist, however when I laid eyes upon the Bounty bar.

Afternoon Snack.

The picture on the candy wrapper was as tropical and suggestive of happiness as the actual name of the candy implied both “plentiful” and “doom.”  Thoughts of Thanksgiving cornucopias and that Blonde Bounty Hunter guy danced in my head as I sheepishly asked the occupant of the desk if I could try one. She complied, but offered up the fact that she’d heard they “weren’t too good.”

My friend Paul looked at me and shrugged, offering to eat half of it.  We thanked her, continued to the break room, got our afternoon tea and proceeded to our desks.

Before I could take a bite of my half, I heard Paul’s voice drift over his cubie wall:

“Hmm – it isn’t bad.”

I tried a bite.  I agreed with him, and noticed that the bottom of the candy bar was embossed with the logo and a small palm tree stamp.

I gave Paul a couple minutes and solicited his feedback.

“I give it a thumbs-up.”

I agree with Paul.  It tasted pretty much like a British Mounds bar, and there haven’t been any negative physical symptoms as a result of eating it.

**Disclaimer: This review was written approximately 5 hours after consumption; still well within all known food poisoning time windows.**


Eyelashes!!!I purchased Maybelline’s Define-a-Lash and was eager to see results like they promise in their advertising.

Day 1: At first, I thought my eyelashes were being plucked out en masse.  The brush is hard and unbending, apparently molded plastic in comparison to the traditional bristled mascara brush.

Once I realized that tension is everything, I was able to control and suppress the searing pain by reigning in my gusto.

Day 2: It was important I look good today for reasons I’d rather not reveal at this time.  While leery at first, I bucked up and opened the shiny pink tube for another go-around.  Based on my near-plucking on day one, I approached this mascara application with much more caution.

My restraint paid off.  By adding 30 seconds to my morning routine, I added a relatively pain-free, visually pleasing lash experience.  When they say “define a lash,” they really mean it.  The prickly brush definitely applies mascara in a uniform manner to each and every lash it encounters, and the result is just as I’d hoped.

**Note: Eyelash appearance was not enhanced in this photo.  Surrounding fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone may have been embellished.  We want to focus on the lashes here, after all.