Last night, I was closing the curtains when something rather large flew into my head.

That’s right – a green blur whizzed into my peripheral vision, hit my head, then bounced onto the window.

My instinct told me it was a grasshopper, but upon closer inspection I think it was a Praying Mantis.  How it got into my house is anyone’s guess, but the kids freaked out, worried that he was lost and scared.

Brett and I scooped the little fella into a tupperware and took him out on the deck for a going away party, so he could find his Mom and Dad.

I guess I knew this day would come,  but I am truly sad to hear of the passing of Estelle Getty, the actress who played the spry, wry and ever-so-lovable Sophia Petrillo on my favorite show of all times – ‘Golden Girls.’

The Queen of Sarcasm, Sophia Petrillo could be one mean cookie; notably meanest to her own daughter Dorothy Zbornak, played by the great Bea Arthur. The writers of the show masterfully captured the unwritten phenomenon of “Mother-to-Daughter criticism: Sometimes acidic, but always stemming from love,” and I can’t think of another actress in recent history who could bring this mastery to life like Estelle Getty did.

Rest in peace, Estelle.

After almost two years of neglect at the hands of a lost password, I am back.  Get ready.