Today at work, Skip, The Piege and I were all talking about how much we love our Foreman Grills. 

On a daily basis, our group at work throws out dares, challenges and bets to each other, but today we came up with a really good one:  For 21 days, we each have to cook something on our Foreman Grills. 


Tonight:  Greek chicken with brown rice and Broccoli

Chef: Heidi


  • Frozen chicken tenders (boneless, skinless), shaken in a bag with some Kraft Greek Dressing then grilled to perfection on medium heat on the frequently used Next Grilleration G5
  • Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice – cooked in the bag in th microwave. (about 90 seconds)
  • Frozen Broccoli, nuked.

This challenge doesn’t award extra points for creativity or difficulty – we’re just shooting for 21 straight days of Foreman-perfect edibles. 

Product Shot:

 Review:  This dinner was easy, fast and tasty.  Not much more to say about it, really. 

**Note:  This photo is pure cr@p.  The dish itself was nowhere near as pale and pasty looking.  I’ll try a little harder with the next one.