by Heiderino on August 14th, 2006

It’s 8:45 and I realized I missed almost the entire first hour of the Lifetime Original Movie tonight.

At least I know that it will be on at least six more times in the coming month, and I’m guessing that the man is the enemy. Well, that, or the woman is evil and uses the man to achieve some sinister goal, like killing her husband or bamboozling him out of millions.

Yep – I think that just about covers it.

by Heiderino on the July 3rd, 2006


My front flower bed has taken a serious beating over the past two weeks. Bugs, rabbit – I think even possibly a deer have been annihilating all of the pretty flowers and plants. I’ve tried all kinds of things to deter them, but to no avail.

I’ll have to start putting Decker out front to bark at those flea-ridden masters of destruction.

So far untouched... WHO ATE MY PLANT? Okay - I saw this one being eaten by a rabbit...


    1– What the plant should look like.
    2– what it does look like, thanks to Cottontail or Bambi.
    3 – I totally busted two rabbits hard at work on my Asiatic Lily plants. I hit the window and yelled, and they just stared at me without stopping at all. I even tried to hold Decker up to bark at them, but he didn’t seem to even see them.