When I went to the annual “girls day” Packer game this year with Emily, Robin and Amy, I decided to get each kid a souvenir from the game.  Drue was the lucky recipient of the Green Bay Packer Cheerleader Barbie, who came with the full cheerleader outfit, including megaphone, football and pom-pons.

Naturally, Barbie’s neat little package has been completely disassembled, and parts of her ensemble are strewn throughout my house and car.

Today, I unplugged my cell phone charger to plug in my Garmin charger.  I noticed immediately that the Garmin charger could not be plugged in.  When I realized why, I almost screamed…

Seriously.  Note the ominously placed pom-pon, too...

Seriously. Note the ominously placed pom-pon, too...

Several questions came to mind immediately:

  • How the heck am I going to get this out?
  • How did the little pom-pon land so conveniently next to the football?
  • Where is the other pom-pon?
  • Where is the megaphone?
  • Could someone please dust my car?

by Heiderino on August 30th, 2006

I saw a commercial today for the “new and improved” Swiffer. Despite the convincing, smiling face of the woman who so nimbly danced around, removing dust in a snap, I didn’t really notice what these improvements are.

Just when I thought the commercial was ending, they flashed in with an ad-within-an-ad – for the new Swiffer that is also a vacuum.

I kind of thought that they were done with that Carpet Flick thing, which I think is a big sticker at the end of the swiffer stick, to lift fuzz and crumbs off of your carpet without actually vacuuming.