by Heiderino on the June 27th, 2006

I saw them for about 6 months – several times each day… Vonage commercials. “It’s so easy to install…” “We love it…” etc. etc.

I must say, it has saved us a bundle of money each month, but on the downside, I find that the reception ranges from slightly staticy to severely staticy. Forget about walking to the mailbox while talking on the phone, too. I have a VERY SHORT driveway, and I can’t get more than ten steps outside before I lose the call.

As a positive, their web dashboard rocks. I can look at my activity – it logs ALL incoming and outgoing calls (Great for parents of teenagers) and offers features such as simul-ring (make another # ring at the same time as your home phone) The bad news is, I set that simul-ring to call my cell phone at the same time, and whenever it is activated, I cannot call my home phone from my cell phone for some reason. A tad bizarre, no?

I think it is cool that when you forward the calls from home to wherever you are, the caller ID carries over! A bonus indeed over the “unknown caller” text that used to show up with a forward.

All in all, I definitely appreciate the cost savings and web features, but I think the call quality is lousy. I guess this is a case where you have to tally your pros and cons. I’ve been too lazy to do that just yet.