Last night, on the heels of the Halloween weekend (and way too much candy) I caved in and permitted a rare “family bed” night.  My daughter, son and I all nestled in and drifted off to a lovely state of slumber.

I awoke around midnight, and wrestled with my typical insomnia.  Just as I started to doze, Brett woke up screaming “Mom!  Drue wet the bed!”  I abruptly sat up and instantly noticed that he was surrounded by a pee-pee ring, (Yes.  MY bed. Ahem.) and she was snoring away, dry as a bone.

It hit me instantly.  I came up with a theory at this wee hour that we are born with equipment to defend ourselves against the sometimes false allegations of our siblings. I suppose it could go deeper than that, all the way to the level of basic human self-defense, but the way I see it?  Brothers and sisters have a special bond.