July 2008

Today at lunch, The Piege, Trevor and I went out to take a walk and take some pics of a building being demolished next to our office. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

Explosion today
…After a little Photoshop skill was applied, that is…


Picture it:  The Fourth of July, 2008.  A beautiful day, I decided to wear one of my favorite “kick-about” outfits, a strapless number I bought at Target in Florida last summer.  I did some yard work, and after the kids got picked up for their camping trip, threw on a sleeveless white button down top to wear out on errands.

My first stop was at Kwik Trip.  I got out of the car, pumped gas, went in, putzed around and browsed through their surprising selection of junk food, soda and candy, and then made my way to the Nectar of the Gods station.  (Coffee, of course.  Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia Nut, to be exact.  Ahhhh…) As I pumped the lifeblood into my Karuba mug (CHEAP REFILLS!) I saw a clerk walk behind the station and I saw him glance at me.  I noticed his eyes lingered for a moment below my neckline, and he abruptly walked away. I looked down and WHOA, NELLY – my dress was below the bustline, and I do mean BELOW.

Fireworks went off in my  head as I tried to maintain calm, although I think I actually let out an exclamation.  I fixed the order of things, just in time to see the aforementioned clerk summon a female employee into the back room, where I heard an explosive burst of laughter.

Imagine the delight of the poor people who had to work this national holiday, as they undoubtedly gathered around the surveillance tape at shift change.

“And how many did stare?

Laugh bombs bursting in air…

Made me think of the night

that my top was still there…”

I guess I knew this day would come,  but I am truly sad to hear of the passing of Estelle Getty, the actress who played the spry, wry and ever-so-lovable Sophia Petrillo on my favorite show of all times – ‘Golden Girls.’

The Queen of Sarcasm, Sophia Petrillo could be one mean cookie; notably meanest to her own daughter Dorothy Zbornak, played by the great Bea Arthur. The writers of the show masterfully captured the unwritten phenomenon of “Mother-to-Daughter criticism: Sometimes acidic, but always stemming from love,” and I can’t think of another actress in recent history who could bring this mastery to life like Estelle Getty did.

Rest in peace, Estelle.

by Heiderino on the April 19th, 2006

Have you ever been toodling along, minding your own business, when a BMW drives past you with a maddening license plate such as “JIMS BMW?”

The term “new money” immediately comes to mind.

If I don’t already know what a BMW is, telling me that you are driving one is moot. I don’t know what it is, and nor do I care. Also, if you are the “CEO VIP” of your company, that is great, but it doesn’t do much for anyone’s ego but your own. Actually, it’s a good bet that this annoys the living heck out of employees who see your car in the VIP spot every day too. You might as well say “IM BETTER.”

Then there are the hilarious misspellings – some so bad you can’t figure out the plate to save your own life. Sure, sometimes people are clever with great combinations of letters and numbers, but more often I see one like I saw today – DEUTSH on an Audi. The simple lack of C was enough to make my skin crawl. Of course, I have never been a fan of purposeful misspellings (Ha! Even foreign!) such as “krazy,” or “nite,” which may explain this a bit more.

One last thing to consider when getting a personalized plate: At least in Wisconsin, it’s easy to find out who drives a car just by their license plate. With this in mind, you may want to get the plate “STALK ME.”

by Heiderino on the May 25th, 2006

I just got home, got caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting the kids fed, happy, bathed, etc. etc. etc.
When I walked into the living room and caught a glimpse of the couch, I realized that Decker (our Cairn terrier) gets to lay around all day, and never has any other expectations from me but that he not chew on anything, pee in the house, or throw up.


I would like to be a dog for just one day. Or maybe just trade places with Decker so he can see how good he really has it!

by Heiderino on the June 3rd, 2006

How many times have you seen a pixelated, blurry, badly-lit security-cam photo of someone committing a crime on T.V.? It seems to me, with technology the way it is, they should be making better cameras, capable of night-mode shooting, and much, much clearer. Seriously – my Sony DVR video cam even has a night mode.

“If you recognize this blurry blob of a face, please call your local police department…”

by Heiderino on the June 18th, 2006

Originally uploaded by Heiderino.

The Domes are an obvious landmark in Milwaukee. This is horticultural heaven, with the Tropical, Arid and Floral Show domes. It’s kind of funny, because they have been there for my whole life (or at least since I was two) and I went on numerous family visits and school field trips there, but I haven’t been there now for probably (gulp) 16 or more years.

I was taking the kids down to meet my parents for lunch at our favorite Mexican place, Botanas, and by some freak of nature was running early. I didn’t really want to get to the restaurant and drag them in to sit there by myself, and Drue just happened to spot the Domes from 35th Street.

For fun, I decided to drive over to them for her to see. She was in awe – fascinated by these things. I couldn’t believe how EXACTLY THE SAME they were – particularly the zig-zaggy entrance way. Just driving up there brought back a flood of memories, including what I can even imagine the smell was inside.

I’m glad we saw the Domes that day – next time we’re looking for something fun to do, we are going there! It’s a great photo-op heaven, and I’m always looking for those!

To get an even better idea of the domes, and because I can’t (YET) provide my own photos of them, check out the “official” web site.

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